Description of How Services Are Provided

As a service company, when a customer calls in a job to be completed, Hoss Industrial will ask questions to fully understand the scope of work and the resources needed to safely and effectively execute the work requested. This allows us to be safe and efficient by arriving prepared for the conditions of the client job and work site. We can better schedule the appropriate equipment and trained personnel for the type of service we will be providing. Our tools are standard equipment used for the cleaning process of storage vessels, heat exchangers, piping and other various components of most industrial work sites. The following information is best practice for Hoss Industrial to maintain a safe work environment and healthy customer relationship.

Hoss Industrial will handle all customer needs pertaining to vessel entry, material removal, chemical handling and necessary packaging of waste generated by the client. The transport of any hazardous waste outside of the customer facility will be handled by an appropriate vendor licensed to operate under those conditions.

The crew will arrive at the Hoss Industrial office facility and get the job assignment, along with equipment load needs, from the designated supervisor overseeing the work. The driver of the equipment will conduct a pre-trip inspection of any equipment, prior to operation, to ensure that vehicle is adequate for safe travel and operation. The crew members will load up all necessary equipment, personal protective equipment, and documentation necessary for client job execution. The crew will travel to the client-designated work site as scheduled.

Upon arrival at the client work site, the Hoss Industrial crew will go through any customer required orientations or specific safety processes to work within their facility or on their job site. The supervisor and necessary employees will check in with the client representative to walk through the job task to ensure no changes to expectations or surroundings exist prior to job setup. The required permits will be obtained for access to customer areas if applicable. In the event that there are energy sources to be isolated, the crew will review the affected isolation points for proper alignment and effectiveness prior to job start. All isolation points must be operational or no work will begin until a resolution can be put into place.

Hoss Industrial will begin staging equipment in an area accessible to the work site, allowing for effective operation of equipment used to complete the job task. The employees will begin to rig up equipment and hoses needed from the Hoss Industrial equipment to the client equipment to be cleaned. The rig up will consist of moving equipment and hoses while connecting components with standard hand tools. If large items are to be used, other machinery may be necessary to rig up. This could include forklift operations by the Hoss Industrial employees. Any larger equipment needs would be sourced out to a 3rd party contractor. Once the job is set up, the equipment will be tested at a lower setting to ensure that all of the setup is correctly installed and proper for the operation to be conducted. After the initial testing is completed, the system can be set to the necessary setting needed to complete the job task. Hoss Industrial will use the hydroblaster and/or vacuum truck along with the equipment and tools necessary to safely clean our client's equipment.

After the job has been completed to Hoss Industrial standards, the client will then be asked to inspect our work for client satisfaction. Once the customer is satisfied with the work that Hoss Industrial has completed, the crew will begin to remove all work materials from the client work area. This will be completed using the same variation of tools required to install the equipment. The Hoss Industrial equipment will be offloaded and cleaned out of all client materials prior to leaving the customer facility. All vacuum trucks will be rinsed on site or transported to a 3rd party contractor for cleaning if required. All permits will be returned to the client as well as the removal of any equipment isolation devices installed by Hoss Industrial for client startup of equipment. The daily shift ticket will be reviewed with the customer and signed as a release of Hoss Industrial from the work site.

The crew will secure all equipment for transport prior to leaving the customer facility. Once all items are accounted for and secured, the Hoss Industrial crew will travel back to the main office where the equipment will be stored in the designated areas. The equipment will have a post-trip inspection completed to ensure there are no defects that require repair prior to the next use. All documentation will be turned into the supervisor for review and filing by the administrative personnel.